Baby got Back alright!

This is my last full week as a fulltime employee at my place of employment. And that’s mostly an AWESOME thing. But I will miss everyone there. Anyway, to say I’m feeling a little unmotivated this week is a massive understatement. But I was focused and doing ok until mraf sent me this masterpiece:

Baby Got Back – Gilbert and Sullivan Style

Yes, that IS Kevin Kline in Pirates of Penzance. I’m rather fond of this version, myself (and I like the audience participation):

And the CLASSIC original:

Sir Mixalot – Baby Got Back

Thanks mraf! I needed a good laugh!!

One thought on “Baby got Back alright!”

  1. I’ve seen the second 2 vids before, but I’d never seen or heard about the Pirates of P version. Totally strange, weird, perverted, and great fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Don’t forget…. let’s get together if you’ve got time before you leave town!

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