Lazy Sunday

Just sitting around your house, eh? Here’s some fun timewasters for you!

A review of new places to find funny videos. Side note: the Will Ferrell Landlord video is obscenely funny – if you haven’t seen it yet, go. But they say bad words so be careful office workers!

Finally, the Star Wars films without all the cheesy Lucas dialogue! 🙂

Why did nobody tell me of PyrateCon?? Which reminds me, when is St. Louis’ Pirate Festival? does anyone know?

And… a list of things to NOT put on your resume. I used to review applications and resumes, both for a college department and for a national directorial search. You’d be AMAZED by the stuff people put on their resumes.

5 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday”

  1. PyrateCon…. makes me wish that we could have delayed our New Orleans visit to coincide with this event. I love me some swashbucklers!

    Yes…. the Will Ferrell video is hilarious. Watched it last night, then heard about it on CNN this morning. Seems that some folks just don’t get the joke and think it’s a form of child abuse.

  2. Coffee Fiend – Yes. Will Ferrell and his business partner Adam McKay run a website called and this was produced for the website. They have a lot of funny exclusive content from big name actors now.

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